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After-sale services
Xianke accept feedbacks from clients take care of customer satisfaction investigation, pay attention to communication with customer for hearing the latest needs.
We try our best to save money for our clients. The best project we have performed is as follows:

Carbon Reactivation
In addition to virgin carbon, Xianke offers customers reactivated carbon. Our reactivation process ensures that spent carbon is returned to a 97% or greater adsorption capacity. In addition to providing you with substantial initial economies over virgin carbon, recycling spent granular or extruded carbon eliminates the disposal costs of incineration or landfill disposal.

An important question for users of granular activated carbon is: "What should I do when my carbon is saturated?" In many cases, regeneration through thermal reactivation – treatment in special kilns at temperatures of 850 C and above – is the answer. Thermal reactivation addresses two key features: environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness.
Xianke offers services for thermal reactivation. The exhausted carbon is regenerated in state-of-the-art reactivation facilities.
XIanke's dedicated reactivation facilities are geared to handle specific types of exhausted carbon:
Carbon from potable water treatment and food industries
Carbon from wastewater treatment, gas treatment or chemical applications
Clients can choose from reactivation programs that include:

Reusing their own carbon after reactivation
Participating in a carbon in pool concept
Replacing exhausted carbon with fresh carbon

Xianke also works with customers on a case-by-case basis to select the most appropriate form of transport and handling. The options include transport by bulk container or bulk bags.