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Customization Services
Now Xianke supply customization Services for our clients.
This service includes packing solution, customized specification

A. Packaging Solutions
We have the know-how and drive you need to make your packaging succeed. We enhance your brand experience, boost operational performance and increase consumer loyalty. On the press, at the shelf, in consumers’ homes – we help your business grow.

Our reach spans the globe. We offer integrated packaging solutions. We do everything from primary and secondary packaging design and converting. Our innovative package designs and sustainable packaging bring your brand to life.
B. Customized specification
We are in a position of meeting and satisfying all of customers’ needs. We offer customized specifications, like the irregular size, mixed filter media services, and special function designed cargos service.

Our customized specification service helps clients save costs and time.
Other customized services will be offered in the future. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be here at your service.