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Ask yourself these questions to see if you're the ideal candidate.

I'm a high achiever with integrity.
I'm committed to the highest ethical standards.
I'm adaptable, flexible, and eager to learn.
I'll take on assignments in new industries and countries, all at the drop of a hat.
I roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty, especially if it means I get real-world experience and perspective.
I'm motivated by the prospect of working on varied assignments.
I'm completely comfortable in dealing with changing, and challenging, responsibilities.
I value cross-cultural exchanges and am excited about learning new languages, or improving ones I already know.
I seek opportunities to learn and grow.

Xianke recruit overseas agent now.
Household activated carbon

Trading company with more than 5 years importation experience from China
Trustable, with good reputation
Have a channel with cooperation with Super Market is in priority

If anyone interest, post your qualifications to us. 

►Talent Strategy

At Xianke, we believe that a job is about much more than earning a living. It's a place where you should use the talents and skills you've acquired to stretch the boundaries of your capabilities. It's where you can build a network of colleagues and friends. And it's the place where you may spend a large part of your waking hours.

Xianke is a dynamic, profitable company led by talented, dedicated people who share a single vision: to be recognized as a leader in superior leisure and lifestyle products and services, which help individuals and families improve the quality of their lives.

At XianKe, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognize that our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our associates. We encourage associates to focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation.

Every day, our associates reflect our values, acting with personal and professional integrity; striving for excellence in execution; delivering imaginative products and services, outstanding customer satisfaction and legendary service and performance; focusing on innovative marketing.