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Powdered Activated Carbon


Properties: Black tiny powder, non-toxic, odorless
Synonym: PAC, Wood Based activated carbon,  Activated Charcoal
Raw Material: Nutshell, Sawdust and Charcoal
Standard: GB/T1480.4-1999
ASTM AWWA: EN 12915-1:2003 EN12902:1999 EN12902/2004
Type: wood based PAC,

Features  :
1. Developed mesopore structure;
2. Large specific surface area;
3. Strong adsorption ability;
4. Good control in particle size ensures low pressure rapid filtration, good sedimentation and suspension;
5. Stable and high quality in purification;
6. Various grades products and used in a wide range.

1. Decolorization, deodorization and contaminant reduction of liquids;
2. Liquid chemicals purification;
3. Water filtration;
4. Wastewater filtration;
5. Flue gas treatment;
6. Catalysis/catalyst support;
7. Metal removal;

1. Productive technology:
2. Physical method-powdered activated carbon
3. Zinc chloride method-Chemical powder activated carbon,
4. Phosphoric acid method-Chemical powder activated carbon

Application Range:
1. Food grade-activated carbon for sugar
2. Phosphoric acid method-wood powder activated carbon
3. Medicine oral, medicinal decoloring, injection refined powder activated carbon

25kg/bag, 500kg/ big bag. 500kg/ pallet.

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