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Manganese Green Sand Filter Media

Properties: Brown, light green or light gray particles, shiny surface
Raw Material: high quality manganese mineral of China

Manganese Green Sand Specifications:

Item  Data 
MnO2 25-45%
SiO2 17-20%
Fe Max 20%
MnC2 10-20%
Proportion 3.4g/cm3
Volume Weight 2.2g/cm3
Silt Content 2.5
HCI Soluble Rate <3.5%
Wear Rate ≤1.0%
Breakage Rito ≤1.0%  
Standard Size: 0.25-0.8mm 0.5-1.0mm 0.8-2.0mm 1.0-2.0mm 2.0-4.0mm 4.0-8.0mm 8.0-16mm (the size can be customized)

Advantages of Manganese Green Sand:
1. Mechanical strength, steady chemical property, long life cycle and stable quality
2. Large specific surface area, good adsorption
3. High chemical activity, good oxidation and catalysis effect
4. Good density, even particles, small wastage rate during back washing (back washing time: 5-15minutes)
5. Outstanding effect on deironing and demanganization 
6. Lixivium is harmless

The manganese sand filter media (MnO2≥35%) is commonly used in the deferrization, demanganization of drinking water, siphon filters in water plant and filter tanks.
The manganese sand filter media (MnO2≤30%) is applied to the deironing of sewage whose iron content is less than 20mg/L.

Package and Storage:
25kg or 50kg per woven bag, 1000-1200kg/ Pallet. 20 Pallets/ 20' FCL.
Store in waterproofing places, avoid mix-storage with other chemical materials.

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