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Fiber Ball Filter Media

Appearance: White spheres or elliptical particles
Raw Material: Fiber
Standard: GB/T6166--1985 

Technical Data:
Filing Density
Specific Area
Filtering Velocity
Sewage Interception Capacity
Sphere Diameter
15-25, 25-30mm

Advantages of Fiber Ball Filter Media:
Light, High Strength, stable chemical and physics performance, long service life
High porosity with changeable micropores, no blocking by biofilm
Large specific area, strong activity, good effect
Ideal filter layer distribution with upper low density layer and high density bottom layer, good adsorption in deep layer
Little head loss, no hardening of filtering layer
Removing rate of seston and oil: 82-95%
Better filtering velocity, lager mud interception, long work period 

Widely used in the filtering of by-pass water, deep treatment of living water, boiler feedwater treatment, reverse osmosis filtering, sewage reuse filtering
Applied to oily sewage treatment in oil fields, sewage emission treatment in the oil field or oil refinery, treatment of purified water, seawater, brackish water desalination, engineering of water supply and urban sewage treatment 
Mainly used in the water treatment of chemical industry, steel industry, shipbuilding, pyroelectricity, pharmacy, papermaking, textile industry, beverage, drinking water and swimming pool.  

Package and Storage:
10kg into a Intima bag. Store in water-proofing places, avoid mix-storage with oils and organic solvent. 

Introduction of Modified Fibre Ball Filter Media:
The modified fibre ball filter media adopts new deligation method, which has stronger interception for oily and abrasive sewage. So it is an ideal product for precise filter equipment dealing with oily sewage. It has the feature of water intimate and strong regenerability in backwashing, 


Before Oil Content  ≤20mg/l
Seston  ≤20mg/l
After Oil Content ≤2mg/l
Seston ≤1.5mg/l
Particle Size 1.5μm
COD Removal Rate ≤60%

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