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Iron Oxide Desulfurizer 


Appearance: Brown orange bar
Raw Material: Iron, manganese salt and other oxide 

Brown orange bar 
Diameters mm
Length mm
Strength N/cm
Bulk Density kg/L
Sulfur Capacity wt%
Desulfuration Accuracy ppm
Advantages of Iron Oxide Desulfurizer:
1. H2S removal through dry method in room temperature, renewable material
2. Quick reaction: Space velocity: 1000~3000h-1, penetration space velocity: 6000h-1, twice to four-time of normal iron oxide
3. Large sulfur degree, high purification degree, reaching 25% in the condition of space velocity 1000h-1, normal pressure, water saturation, import H2S 1%, export H2S≤5×10-8 particle
4. High strength, good water tolerance, no pulverization under the condition of boiling by 2 hours or soaking by 30 days, and the strength remain the same as before, even in the condition of sudden pressurizing or relief with 12MPa, and undergoing blow test 100 times
5. Large applicable scope, 10~100℃ without obvious change of sulfur content
6. In the condition of no O2 or large CO2 content conditions, the sulfur content won't alter

Desulfuration and Renewal Principles of Xianke Iron Oxide Desulfurizer:
Desulfuration Reaction: Fe2O3.H2O+3H2S=Fe2S3.H2O+3H2O
Renewal Reaction: 2Fe2S3.H2O+3O2=2Fe2O3.H2O+6S (strong exothermic reaction)
Note: The desulfuration renewal can be cyclic regeneration when there is O2 or O2/H2S≥2.5 in the air, and the reaction formula combines into 2H2S+O2=H2O+2S with the iron oxide as the catalyst.

Proposed Application Direction:
Content: H2S≤15mg/Nm3, space velocity: 1000~3000h-1
Temperature: 0~100℃
Pressure: normal pressure to 10MPa
Humidity: relative humidity 20~100%, water content in bed is strictly prohibited

Package and Storage:
25kg or 50kg into a woven bag. 500-1000kg per super sack. No mix-storage with other filter materials.
Xianke iron oxide desulfurizer can be used as raw materials or hydrothion removal in the fields of chemical fertilizer, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry, as well as dry removal H2S in natural gas, water gas, semi-water gas, carbon gas, transformative gas, coke-oven gas, methane, CO2 and sulfurous gas in city gas. It can be also applied to desulfurizer for organic sulfur. 

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