Xianke Water Treatment

Welcome to XianKe Water Treatment

Having more than 10 years' experience in the field of water treatment, Xianke Water Supply Materials Co., Ltd has become one of the leading exporters in water treatment industry.
After ten years of continuous innovation and development, now Xianke Co., ltd. have 30 senior engineers, 100 professional and technical staff and 1,500 employees with annual production of activated carbon over 10,000 tons, PAC more than 3 million tons, polyacrylamide 5,000 tons, water filter media 15 million tons.
There are four branch factories under the name of Xianke. They are as follows:
1. Activated Carbon Factory
It is in line of Granular activated carbon (GAC), Powdered Activated carbon (PAC), which are made from coconut shell, nutshell, anthracite coal, wood, etc.
2. Water Treatment Filter Media Factory
It is featured by producing anthracite filter media, manganese sand filter, nutshell filter media, gravel or pebble bead filter media, garnet sand, natural zeolite, maifanite, activated alumina and so on.
3. Water Treatment Chemicals Factory
It is specialized in production of aluminum chloride (PAC), poly aluminum ferric chloride (PAFC), basic aluminum chloride (BAC), polyacrylamide (PAM) and calcium aluminate, etc.
4. Drainage Joints & Equipments Factory
Product: manual, pneumatic, electric on the clip-and three eccentric, one-way flanged rubber seal butterfly valve, double flanged rubber seal butterfly valve, metal seal and PTFE seals butterfly valve, expansion butterfly valve, telescopic micro slow close check valve, fan coil valve, single flange limited telescopic expansion joint, double flange limited telescopic expansion joint, steel expansion joints, flexible rubber joint, steel flexible joint, water string, expansion bellow, and other various types of expansion joints.

Xianke fame & advantages:
Trade rating: AAA-level rating (Reference: 060728a0012) at CAITEC
Songhua River pollution treatment(Activated carbon, Dec. 2005)
ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certificate
Our high products have been sold in many countries and regions, such as Russia, India, Australia, Pakistan, African countries, etc.
Welcome to our factory, Xianke is hoping to cooperate with customers and establish business relations worldwide.